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 Historical Facts


    Of Caddo Parish's 23 sheriffs, only four were born in Caddo Parish:  Hughes, J. H. Flournoy, Terry,  
     and Hathaway.

    At least two were born abroad:  Walsh in Ireland and Ward in Wales.

    Two Caddo sheriffs have also served as mayors of Shreveport:  Walsh and Ward.

    Only one Caddo sheriff was a mayor of Shreveport and was the father of a mayor of Shreveport: 

    Three Caddo sheriffs were members of one family:  Sheriff J. Howell Flournoy was the son of
     Sheriff J. Pat Flournoy and the grandson of Sheriff Alonzo Flournoy.

    Caddo's first sheriff, A. B. Sterrett, was the brother-in-law of Jim Bowie.  He was also the only
     sheriff killed on duty -- and his killer was acquitted.

    One sheriff was the subject of a song by an inmate, which was recorded and nationally
     distributed:  Hughes.

    One sheriff was also publisher of The Shreveport Times:  Battle.

    One sheriff also served as Caddo Parish Coroner:  J. Pat Flournoy.

    Three sheriffs have Shreveport city streets named in their honor:  Battle, Hope, and Wilson. 

    One sheriff was a "forty-niner" who went to California in search of gold during the great Gold Rush
     of 1849:  Heffner.

    The longest tenure in office of any sheriff was 26 years:  J. Howell Flournoy. 

    The shortest term of office was a single year:  Hope, Walsh, Cawthorn.

    Only one Caddo sheriff held office twice in non-consecutive terms:  Simpson. 

    Nine Caddo sheriffs served in the Confederate Army:  Battle, Hope, O'Connor, Walsh, Heffner,
     Cawthorn, Lake, Young, Ward. 

    Four Caddo sheriffs attained the rank of Colonel during the Civil War:  Battle, O'Connor, Young,

    Seven Caddo Parish sheriffs rest at Oakland Cemetery, the oldest historic landmark in Shreveport
     and the only cemetery in northern Louisiana listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  No
     other cemetery contains the final resting places of so many Caddo sheriffs: Sterrett, Watson,
     Battle, Wilson, Lake, Young, Ward.






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