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Myths & Legends


Those in the area of the Forbing railroad tracks on Flournoy-Lucas Road are familiar with the strange lights that travel along the tracks or rush into the woods late at night.  The Forbing Ghost is nothing new.  The legend has been around for decades.1

Most people state that the ghost is a former signalman who lost his head – or his hand, depending on the version – in a train accident, and with his lantern, he scours the tracks in search of it.  One person said the light was red, much like the old railroad lanterns, and that it crossed the tracks and headed into the woods.2

Another tale makes mention of a lawyer who supposedly committed suicide in the 1920s by walking into the path of an oncoming train.  This ghost comes in the form of a blue light, seen best late at night during the summer months.  One person recalled that it looked much like the headlight on a train, except that there was nothing in front of or behind the light.3

A look into the Past for the Future ...


Legend holds that a chiropractor living in the home was accused of killing a nine-year-old girl, whose body was found in the house.  Seven vigilantes held a mock trial, finding the doctor guilty and lynching him. On the following day, they returned to the house to dispose of their evidence. Much to their surprise, both bodies were gone and the noose was empty, although it was still tight as though someone still remained in it.  Six of the seven vigilantes died unnaturally, and the last, who related this story, died eight months later in a car wreck. The house itself was demolished in 1983 for the construction of Interstate 220 in Shreveport, but the Jefferson-Paige exit ramp goes through where the house once stood.4


Headless forms roam through the cemetery where grave robbers wreaked havoc for several years and stole numerous skulls.5


Victims of leprosy were buried in this cemetery in Greenwood and contributed to its name.  One, however, was apparently buried alive as his weeping spirit still haunts its grave.6


A woman living on Caddo Lake drowned there in the 1950s and makes herself visible to the lake’s fishermen.7


Now occupied by a law firm, this house is reported to have at least two ghosts, one being a young woman who is seen looking out of the turret window.8





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